2022 New Additions

Over the past few months, Capital Strategic Solutions has seen many changes, as the team has grown and expanded across New England. In 2022 alone we welcomed Paul Scott, Peter Sellers, Blythe Robinson, and Tim Goddard to the team as Senior Project Managers. The addition of these team members has expanded our services, as they each have a wealth of knowledge and experience in municipal government. Whether it be their talent for Grant Writing and Planning, Public Works Project Oversights, or Community Engagement, these team members have added priceless value to our services with their excellence and work ethics

Image of Paul Scott

Paul Scott
Senior Project Manager

Image of Peter SellersPeter Sellers
Senior Project Manager

Image of Blythe Robinson

Blythe Robinson
Senior Project Manager 

Image of Tim Goddard

Tim Goddard
Senior Project Manager


CSS Launches New Website

In the first week of November, CSS was elated to launch our new updated website. This process took several months as we worked to streamline our content, brand design, and messaging so that our company website reflects the work we provide for our clients. We encourage all to browse the services we provide, and learn about the work we do to support communities

Meet Our Public Administration, Finance &

Grant Management Team!

Our team develops and executes cost – effective public policy initiatives and services that ensure the financial stability, efficiency, and effectiveness of state and local government.

Image of Jennifer ThompsonJennifer Thompson
CDO | Partner
Image of Blythe RobinsonBlythe Robinson
Sr. Project Manager
Image of Tim GoddardTim Goddard
Sr. Project Manager

Our municipal experts have decades of experience to assist you in:

    • Capital Improvement Planning
    • Executive Coaching & Management Assistance
    • Grant Management & Oversight
    • Human Resources Support Services
    • Management Studies & Support Services
    • Municipal Finance Assistance & Budget Preparation
    • Policy Review & Formulation
    • Procurement
    • Strategic Planning
    • Senior Team Building & Brainstorming

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Image of ARPA

It’s no secret that our team has been busy with Grant Management and Compliance for the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for the better part of 2022. CSS has been working with over 20 communities to manage their ARPA funds. These communities span the spectrum, from the City of Lynn, to the Town of Bernardston, as our grant team has been assisting with reporting and compliance, and our outreach and engagement team has been hard at working knocking on doors to collect community feedback so local leaders can make informed spending decisions. In Lynn alone, CSS collected thousands of surveys in the first phase of their ARPA allocation process in order to inspire the allocation process. In July the Lynn City Council passed the first round of ARPA packages, and within the past few weeks, the team has moved on to the second round of allocation, working to make sustainable and lasting changes in the city. Along with the many communities we provide ARPA assistance to, CSS has recently expanded into Rhode Island by supporting the Town of Burrillville with their ARPA management.

Grant Watch

The State’s cybersecurity training program is currently accepting applications through December 31st.

This free training program can be taken in either 6 month or 1-year tracks (more training and phishing campaigns in the year long program) to help employees become more aware of how to work safely online and reduce their exposure to threats or intrusions that may compromise their community.

The online application is very easy to fill out and requires that there be a grant applicant and local coordinator (typically an IT professional) named, as well as how many employees and/or elected/appointed persons will take the training, and some details about the Town’s systems. If the grant is won, the local coordinator provides email addresses to the State for the program and monitors’ progress. Enrolled employees will get emails directly asking them to take the training, and they may receive “phishing emails” developed to test their knowledge.

“It’s an excellent way to increase a person’s awareness about how to work safely online and potentially avoid a cybersecurity attack that can compromise the Town’s servers and systems. I would highly recommend it to all of our clients,” said Blythe Robinson, Senior Project Manager

Featured Projects

Image of the Columbian Square Improvement Project

Columbian Square Improvements Project

The contractor for the Columbian Square Improvement Project in Weymouth is anticipated to begin drainage work in early December weather permitting. CSS is working with Green International Affiliates and the City of Weymouth to communicate project progress with residents and businesses. The Hotline for the Columbian Square Improvement Project is up and running and after the winter hiatus, CSS is prepared for the spring construction season to begin.

Image of the Project Spotlight for the Regional Study of EMS

Regional Study of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Provisions Lower Cape Cod

Capital Strategic Solutions was solicited by the Town of Truro to conduct a study into their Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as well as the provision of EMS in the neighboring communities of Wellfleet and Provincetown. In early March of this year CSS was able to release a report detailing our findings, methodology, and recommendations. This region is currently provided by the Lower Cape Ambulance Association (LCAA), which as many may know is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The study looked into current provision of EMS in all three towns, gathered data on costs, response times, staffing, and demographics, all in an effort to advise concerns within Truro regarding their current contract with LCAA, and future EMS needs and options.

Community Engagement & Outreach

Image of Shrewsbury Street Doyle Road Improvements

At The Heart of a Successful Project is a Strong Community Engagement Strategy

Community organizations and public agencies can make a significant impact when they increase the frequency, diversity, and level of stakeholder engagement. When done right, community engagement provides stakeholders with a seat at the table and increases the probability that a project will be accepted.

Obtaining effective stakeholder engagement depends upon the tools and techniques you implement. What works in one community, may not be as effective in another. All engagement strategies should ensure equality, transparency, inclusivity, and substance. Success is not inevitable unless you are committed to an evolving strategy.

Find out how our strategies assisted the Town of Holden in providing residents with the information they needed to make an informative vote at Town Meeting on October 17, 2022.

Where To Find Us

Find us at the mma meeting
find us at new england water works association

Building Stronger Communities Together

Everett J. Prescott (EJP)

Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC. (CSS) And Everett J. Prescott (EJP) are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic collaboration combining EJP’s commitment to providing quality products and CSS’s ability to bring forth financial solutions for public water suppliers.

With technology playing an increasing role in water distribution systems, public water suppliers recognize that they need cutting edge asset management systems to effectively operate. The CSS-EJP collaboration brings together technology strategy, product ideation, development and deployment, and financial options to help support public water suppliers through successful transformations.

“The CSS-EJP partnership is a dynamic combination. EJP’s understanding of water distribution asset management products, and CSS’s knowledge of federal, state, and municipal financing options, are uniquely complimentary. We believe that our combined efforts will allow both EJP and CSS to play a key role in building stronger communities through our commitment to clean, safe water,” said Nichol Figueiredo, Chief Executive Officer, Capital Strategic Solutions.

“EJP recognizes how the roles that communication, technology, and funding will continue to evolve in the utility markets. We felt that a partnership with CSS allows our company and our customers to utilize the tremendous assets that CSS has to assist our customers continue to experience the exceptional products and services that EJP has been delivering for more than 65 years,” said Dan Burdin, Manager – Smart Utility Solutions Group, Everett J. Prescott.

Wellstorm partnership

CSS would like to spotlight one of our recent community partners, The WellStorm Inc. Based out of Southbridge Mass. The WellStorm aims to bridge the gap in access resources for a variety of community needs. By building community engagement, The WellStorm aims to support those experiencing homelessness, mental health struggles and food insecurity through a variety of projects. The recent opening of the first Bridge Fridge project in Southbridge has been an incredible success, as the fridge has provided a much-needed resource for not just pantry food items, but perishable and refrigerated items as well. CSS’s Nichol Figueiredo and Meredith Roberts have been supporting The WellStorm by assisting with social media content, and outreach. We are proud to support the co-founders Carla Delacruz Davila & Yesenia Arroyo as this organization begins to take off. 

Image of the Central Mass Conference for Women

Central Mass Conference for Women

Nichol Figueiredo is a proud board member for the Central Mass Mass Conference for Women. The Central Mass Conference for Women aims to inspire, connect, motivate and move women through every stage along their path. She’s Local brings together women with a shared objective to support, connect and inspire one another, close to home.

Our mission is to create lasting experiences for women, close to home. Since 2016, our She’s Local team of volunteers have created and sustained local conferences for women in six regions of New England. We average 300 attendees at each in-person event, skillfully bringing together speakers, vendors, entertainers, sponsors, attendees, business owners and community leaders. For the second time, we are bringing a high-quality, affordable, in-person and live virtual experience to local women on June 8th 2023 at the AC Hotel by Marriott, in Worcester, MA.

Help build a strong community of women, encourage others, share your knowledge, build your brand! Get involved:

  • Attend the Conference
  • Become a Panelist
  • Sponsor the Conference
  • Be an Exhibitor

With so much growth and change made, both in CSS’s internal growth, and in our partnerships, we are extremely grateful to share these updates, and to embark on new projects with the same values that have driven our success.