Our Team

Nichol Figueiredo

Chief Executive Officer, Partner

Nichol has over two decades of experience working in state and municipal government; acting as a liaison between government agencies, contractors, consultants, and the communities they serve. She has a keen understanding of how a well-placed message can change opinions, and call stakeholders to action. Since launching Capital Strategic Solutions in 2014, Nichol has been working with municipal clients to implement integrated communications strategies to create a dynamic flow of information. Nichol specializes in building trust through open dialogue and transparency. She is skilled at establishing relationships working closely with the project team and community stakeholders to increase community engagement. By leveraging ever-evolving technology, Nichol measurably improves public relations and community involvement.

Jennifer Thompson

Chief Development Officer, Partner

With over twenty-four years’ experience in the public sector, Jennifer understands first-hand the challenges faced by municipal employees, especially in terms of appropriately disseminating information and communicating effectively with residents and businesses. Jennifer has worked not only as a Town Manager, but also as a Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Emergency Director in large and small municipalities and in state government. With her unique experience in municipal finance, procurement, administration, emergency management and human resources, she can assist public and private clients in a holistic and inclusive manner. Jennifer has a strong background in economic development work, as well as having to manage public and constituent relations across diverse populations. She holds a Master Degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, as well as many professional certifications.

Image of Libby Bolling

Elizabeth “Libby” Bolling

Marketing & Communications Executive

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of communications, Libby brings a diverse set of skills to benefit Capital Strategic Solutions’ clients. Prior to joining CSS, she worked more than 23 years with Pinellas County, Florida government as a Public Information Specialist, video producer, reporter, voice talent and developer of the highly successful e-TownHall meeting format, helping the public better understand the functions and programs of local government. Libby’s work yielded multiple awards during her tenure, including a regional Emmy nomination, multiple national Telly Awards, an Outstanding Achievement Award from the National Hurricane Conference and a Digital Government Achievement Award from the Center for Digital Government. As a Public Information Specialist, Libby has worked with water and wastewater utilities, public works, planning and building, human resources, animal services, transportation, solid waste and floodplain management as client departments, successfully planning and executing a multitude of communications programs. She was a key player in developing a highly successful program for public information as part of Pinellas County’s participation in the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System (CRS). As a result, Pinellas County recently achieved a Class 2 rating—the highest rating a Florida community has ever achieved putting it in the top one percent of CRS communities nationwide—saving property owners up to 40% on their flood insurance premiums.   

Blythe Robinson

Development Executive

With decades of experience in Municipal Government, Blythe has honed an extraordinary ability to understand what each community has, what they need, and what’s out there. As Town Administrator for the Town of Norfolk Blythe served throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic and ensured uninterrupted delivery of essential services to the community while addressing complex needs. Her additional experience in Regionalization, Grant Management, Budgeting and Transparency, and Human Resources make her especially adept to serve across communities with very different needs and circumstances. She does all of this with an intense drive to increase intercommunity connectivity with creative problem solving. She keeps a finger to the pulse of the municipal world, remaining up to date on evolving opportunities that can be found in Grants, as she has a robust understanding of their integral role to local government. All these skills and experiences make her especially talented at capital improvement and financial planning, executive coaching, policy review, and staffing analysis.

Image of Staci Figueiredo

Staci Figueiredo

Executive Administrator

As Executive Administrator, Staci will provide high-level support to the CSS team by streamlining processes, managing communications, and handling crucial tasks to ensure smooth operations. Staci has a keen aptitude for managing multiple tasks, setting agendas, conducting research, and providing detailed reports. In her role as Executive Administrator, Staci will assist in overseeing and executing special projects, often serving as a project manager or coordinator. She will juggle various tasks to ensure that all deadlines are met. Staci is skilled at building and maintaining relationships with colleagues, partners, and clients. Staci has consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise in strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work collaboratively. We believe that Staci’s inclusion will not only enhance the operational efficiency of our team but also pave the way for innovative administrative strategies that align with CSS’s vision. 

Image of Staci Figueiredo

Patricia Bernard

Senior Project Manager

Patricia “Trish” Bernard, formerly Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Marlborough, brings over a decade of public service leadership to Capital Strategic Solutions. Known for her strategic planning and community engagement, Trish has successfully led projects like the Marlborough Public Service Internship Program and the Municipal Government Academy, enhancing government transparency and fostering youth participation. At Capital Strategic Solutions, she leverages her expertise in policy coordination and program development to improve internal processes and expand community impact, making government more accessible and inviting, particularly for young individuals. Her strong work ethic, adaptability, and comprehensive problem-solving skills make her a vital asset to our team and clients.

Kenneth J. Calder

Senior Project Manager

Kenneth Calder, with a distinguished background in Public Works and as former Deputy Director of Project Management in Weston, joins Capital Strategic Solutions as Senior Project Manager. Ken excels in strategic planning, hands-on project leadership, and developing training programs that enhance departmental performance and community trust. His key projects include implementing automated water meters and leading environmental compliance initiatives. Ken holds multiple certifications, including in Municipal Emergency Management and Industrial Safety and Health, and actively pursues ongoing professional development. His dynamic approach and expertise in municipal systems make him a valuable asset to our team and clients.


John DeLuca

John DeLuca

Senior Project Manager

With over 40 years of experience in water, wastewater, fleet management, and construction industries, John offers unmatched expertise. He holds an array of certifications and licenses, including MCPPO Full Procurement Certification, FEMA IS-100 and IS-700 Certification, Wastewater Collections Systems License, Water Distribution Systems License, Hoisting License, and a CDL-B with Tanker Endorsement.  John is skilled at establishing and maintaining effective work relationships with various stakeholders, including municipal officials, peers, subordinates, state and local organizations, and the general public. He has successfully developed and managed multi-million dollar budgets, overseeing operational and capital spending. John is experienced in revenue forecasting, contract development, union contract negotiations, as well as fleet management. His extensive experience in design, construction, installation, maintenance, and project management will be invaluable to our clients. John’s proven track record in operational and administrative leadership, coupled with his hands-on experience in the field, positions him uniquely to contribute to our team and the projects we undertake.

Mark Dempsey

Senior Project Manager

Mark’s vast experience in municipal government and ADA compliance significantly benefits our clients. He is recognized locally and nationally for his advocacy and expertise in disability needs. Mark’s persuasive approach turns critics into supporters and his diligent efforts span all advocacy levels. He previously enhanced Framingham’s ADA compliance as Access Compliance Inspector and ADA Coordinator, collaborating with various departments and ensuring adherence to Massachusetts Regulation 521 CMR. Mark’s role involved guiding diverse professionals, including architects and contractors, ensuring project compliance from start to finish, and aiding in the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board Variance process. With over a decade on the Massachusetts AAB, Mark enforced regulations for accessible public buildings and provided crucial support and clarity in compliance processes. His dedication to community advocacy also shines through his involvement with the MetroWest Center for Independent Living, where he now serves on the Board of Directors, continuing his commitment to accessibility and compliance.

Image of Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher

Senior Project Manager

Mike’s diligence to providing continuity of services, his keen perspective in long term planning, and his ability to streamline existing practices is fueled by a passion for public service. His skill set has been honed through his career in a variety of environments having served as an appointed and elected official, and as an IT team manager. This variety in his background allows him to look at opportunities and risk from multiple angles. Within any organization, Mike’s primary focus has been to lead innovation, both in services and procedure. Within his previous role as the Town Manager in North Attleboro he successfully revamped the capital improvement process ensuring a return on investment (ROI) for all capital expenses. He also expanded opportunities to the public by streamlining online processes for residents and businesses to increase customer service and operational excellence. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Management Information Systems and an Associate Degree in Electronic Data Processing. He is also Massachusetts Certified Public Procurement Officer (MCPPO) and certified in National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) IS-100, IS-200, IS-400 and IS-700. These acumens allow Mike to identify and target things that can be improved as he is well practiced in consolidating functions, and realigning resources to deliver cost effective efficiency.

Image of Tim Goddard

Tim Goddard

Senior Project Manager

Tim’s experience in municipal offices in town management has given him a unique and varied set of skills, best at evaluating solutions by connecting department goals into a cohesive big picture. His holistic approach is able to draw departments out of their siloes and communicate complex plans to community members, so they too feel involved in the process. As Town Administrator in Carlisle Tim became well versed in wearing many different hats to navigate complex projects. Tim is able to jump into a myriad of roles and look at a problem though many different lenses to build well rounded solutions. With the same thoughtfulness, Tim can find grant opportunities that match the immediate needs of a community while integrating it into long term financial planning. Tim’s practiced resourcefulness, coupled with his Master’s in Public Administration and holistic approach, make him an extremely successful administrative asset to our clients.

Patricia Grigas

Senior Project Manager

Patti Grigas brings over 30 years of law enforcement experience to her role at CSS, with expertise in public safety policy, strategic planning, and officer training. She played key roles such as a commander at the Framingham Police Department, where she innovated evidence management and served as a media spokesperson. Her background includes overseeing professional standards, hiring, and internal investigations, as well as earning notable certifications, including from the FBI National Academy. Patti champions continuous professional development in law enforcement, emphasizing its importance for adapting to societal shifts and enhancing policing strategies. At CSS, she will provide specialized advice and training to law enforcement, working closely with command staff on strategic action plans and long-term goals.

Image of Ed Gotgart

Ed Gotgart

Senior Project Manager

Ed’s expertise in education across a myriad of school systems and positions makes him especially adept at managing operations for both the long and short term. He is able to analyze complex systems and build data driven solutions. He holds a Doctorate in Education with a major in Educational Leadership from Boston University, Masters of Education with a major in Administration, Planning and Social Policy from Harvard University, Master of Arts in Architecture majoring in Urban Planning from Yale University, and a Bachelor’s in Government from Harvard College. This expansive academic knowledge, coupled with his decades of hands-on experience in the field gives him an incredibly nuanced insight into a project’s factors and limitations. A substantial part of Ed’s career was spent in Framingham as the Chief Operating Officer / Acting Superintendent. Within this role Ed successfully managed long term infrastructure projects by bringing people into the project and building support with transparency. From concept to completion Ed’s ability to build community around a project or a need ensures a multitude of voices are included and sustained throughout the process. His skill in collaboration has been able to convert project skeptics into advocates by empowering them with transparent information and his foresight in planning uses data to build a project narrative.

William (Bill) Keegan

Senior Project Manager

Bill Keegan brings over forty years of municipal government expertise to Capital Strategic Solutions. As former Town Manager of Foxborough and Dedham, he secured a Triple A Bond Rating for both, demonstrating his exceptional financial stewardship. Bill’s leadership roles include President of the Massachusetts Municipal Manager’s Association and pivotal positions with the Massachusetts Inter-local Insurance Agency and Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Emergency Communications Center. A master’s graduate in Regional Planning from UMass Amherst, Bill is also recognized by the International City/County Management Association for his distinguished service. His vast experience enriches our team’s capacity to support and advance our client’s goals.

Tom Impey

Senior Project Manager

Tom has built his career in Fire and Emergency Medical Services in a way that has given him incredible insight to analyze and improve critical services across communities. Tom’s background in municipal Fire and EMS programs began in Plainville as he rose through the ranks from Lieutenant, to Captain, and eventually Fire Prevention Captain for the town. His hands on experience within a department made him especially skilled as an instructor and Coordinator of Public Education Programs at the Massachusetts Fire Academy (MFA), where he coaches students through “live” skills training, and assists with the planning and logistics for demonstrations. His has advised multiple communities and projects from the Plainridge Park Casino’s life safety systems to a Regional Study of EMS Provision to Lower Cape Cod Region for the town of Truro. Tom has a plethora of certifications in EMS and Fire Services, he also has a Masters in Public Administration, and a B.S. in Fire Science.

Paul Normandin

Paul Normandin

Senior Project Manager

Paul brings with him years of experience in Fire and Emergency Medical Services, with a special focus on EMS financial planning. Paul can quickly assess and understand a community’s position, and build solutions tailored to their needs. His approach can untangle complicated financial questions with dedicated research, and data driven solutions. Having had the experience of working in both small and large cities and towns, Paul can skillfully adapt to any community in a way that is well rounded and nuanced. Paul’s experience serving Southbridge, MA during the pandemic made for an exemplary case study into his skill in conveying complex information. Paul and his team were able to act quickly to build a solid communications foundation that served residents well throughout the multiple phases and evolving conditions of the pandemic. It is this dedication to community that shines through in all of Paul’s work, and his commitment to building solutions that has made him so successful in so many communities.

Sarah Pawluczonek

Senior Project Manager

With over twenty years in public works, Sarah Pawluczonek specializes in utility billing, accounts payable, and government administration. Serving as part-time Wastewater Administrator for the Town of Wayland and previously as a utility billing consultant for Weston Department of Public Works, she brings a wealth of experience in managing complex utility and financial systems. Sarah excels in problem-solving, stakeholder consensus-building, and training teams on system operations. At Capital Strategic Solutions, she applies her deep understanding of utility systems to enhance client services and support infrastructure projects.

Image of Stephen Price

Stephen Price

Senior Project Manager

As a Senior Project Manager, Stephen’s attention to detail, his steady hand, and his vast experience in municipal finance functions allow him to lead communities through financial transformations and economic challenges seamlessly. Stephen’s experience as the former Treasurer/Tax Collector for the Town of Natick, and within municipal government in general, has provided him with a strong set of financial management tools, including budgeting, accounts receivables/payables, billing and collections, and general ledger reconciliation. His ability to communicate effectively allows him to develop connections with employees, customers, and the banking community to maintain a seamless flow of information. His extensive expertise complements our team of experts, as his professional training, coupled with his resourcefulness allows him to jump in and adapt to any situation. In a field that can very easily become overwhelming, Stephen is able to pick out what’s important, and communicate effectively to any corner of a community. Within Natick specifically, Stephen was responsible for the billing and collection of Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes, exceeding $103 million and was able to maintain a collection rate of 98.6%. It is this very experience, and attention to detail that make Stephen a financial asset to any community he is working with.

Amy Putney

Amy Putney

Senior Project Manager

Amy Putney joins us as the Procurement Senior Project Manager, bringing extensive knowledge in state and federal procurement, contract, and compliance laws. Her expertise is vital in guiding procurement strategies and ensuring the success of municipal projects. With over a decade of experience, including a recent role in the City of Framingham, Amy has mastered procurement processes and compliance at both state and federal levels.

Her proficiency in managing complex procurement projects and deep understanding of contract law make her a key asset in the industry. Amy is known for her strategic sourcing approach, attention to detail, and commitment to legal and ethical compliance. She will lead our clients in efficient, effective procurement practices that align with their goals and ensure public money is spent wisely, securing quality goods and services at competitive prices.

Amy’s collaborative leadership style fosters innovation and continuous improvement, and her experience with state and federal procurement frameworks will be invaluable to our clients. Her insights into contract law will safeguard client interests and promote fair, transparent contracting practices. Her role at Capital Strategic Solutions is pivotal in delivering integrity and precision in our services, and we are confident her leadership will inspire innovative solutions and contribute to industry best practices in procurement management.

Paul Scott

Senior Project Manager

Paul’s career in Public Works has given him a nuanced understanding of all things that go into Capital Improvement and Project Management. Paul served most recently as the Director of Public Works for the Town of Plainville where his steady hand guided the consolidation and professionalization of the department. He understands that a cohesive internal management structure is the best way to manage any external issues, expected or otherwise, during a project. His additional experience as a Director of Capital Project Management, and Director of Highway & Sanitation Division for Framingham Public Works ensure his ability to work across a myriad of environments and manage both common duties and unique needs of municipal management. It is his dedicated and unique career in multiple aspects of Public Works that give him an edge when it comes to crafting capital improvement plans, financial planning, executive coaching, and policy analysis.

Peter Sellers

Senior Project Manager

Peter has the unique ability to jump into any challenge and manage a team, not only with efficiency and effectiveness, but respect and understanding. For the past 20 years Peter served as the Director of Public Works for Framingham, as it grew from town to city. Peter’s leadership style purposely created work environments that value transparency, and collaboration, as can be seen by his restructuring of the department to emphasize “Management by Objective” with a clear and well-defined program, and transparent accountability standards. Peter has the same pragmatism and emphasis on collaboration with his other skills in emergency management services, based off his time as Director of Transportation and Logistic Support for the Boston Police Department. Peter can always easily identify professional niches for talented individuals to fill within a department and has made a conscious effort throughout his career to create an environment where a team of committed people will always grow and thrive.

Clara DeCarvalho

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Clara works on several projects across their phases, collaborating with our senior management staff and jumping into a myriad of roles seamlessly. Several of Clara’s ongoing projects include the oversight of MS4 stormwater outreach on several social media sites, as well as general administrative support to the Senior Team. With these projects, Clara especially excels at crafting clear and thoughtful communication, and is able to link the big picture growth, with carefully laid out day to day work for optimal success. Clara has a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Wheaton College. Clara also works as a softball coach where her skill at identifying areas of need, and thoroughly building a solution through hard work and patience are constantly on display.

Michael Tusino, IV

Community Outreach & Engagement Project Manager

As Community Outreach and Engagement Project Manager, Mike leverages his expertise in visual design and public information, shaped by his previous roles in Framingham’s government and a BA in Visual Communications from Framingham State University. With a decade of experience, Mike spearheads our efforts in building strong community ties and facilitating meaningful dialogue. Mike blends strategic planning, project management, and a passion for community involvement to forge partnerships with community leaders, local organizations, and stakeholders to enhance outreach efforts that promote community engagement.

Image of Meredith Roberts

Meredith Roberts

Project Specialist

Meredith has a Bachelor of Arts in History, and International & Global Studies, with a minor focus in Creative Writing from Brandeis University. Her vast experience in managing performing arts and the service industry has given her a cool head in fast paced environments with multiple moving parts, and the ability to find creative solutions when unexpected problems arise. She has previously worked as a stage manager for Brandeis University and served as a student leader of multiple organizations where she successfully managed said organizations in the early days of the pandemic during the rapid shift to online programming. Her advanced skill in customer service, with 5 years in the hospitality industry, allows her to talk to anyone about anything with ease, as she derives great joy from working directly with people. As a project specialist at CSS, she works on a variety of projects with a focus on content creation and outreach projects

Stephen Cronin

Drone Pilot & Photographer

Stephen holds an FAA Part 107 Remote UAS (drone) pilot certification and is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Pilot. Stephen is responsible for ground and flight operations of an unmanned aerial system to record still photography and video at our project locations documenting the infrastructure, and work site progress. Stephen oversees the evaluation of all aspects of flight planning, including the maintaining equipment, weather evaluation, authoring and submitting FAA clearances and waivers for flight operations outside of as well as within controlled airspace in order to meet project objectives while adhering to federal and state and local regulations. Stephen is experienced in navigating construction job sites, so our customers get quality images without having any of their work activities disrupted.