Human Resources

CSS offers human resources consulting services that are focused on improving productivity and resolving organizational challenges. An administration can benefit from consistent reviews of administrative policies and structures and improve productivity by clarifying current and future goals. Our experience professionals can assist you in:

Operational Audits and Assessments that include a review of policies, procedures and practices, and evaluation of compliance with relevant statutes.

Classification and Compensation Studies to ensure market/internal structures are aligned, simplify classification structures, identify paths for career progression, address recruitment and retention needs, and reviewing qualifications to facilitate recruitment of talent.

Conducting Staffing Analysis and Succession Planning Studies to allow communities to adapt to demographic changes and talent scarcity, boosting morale and retention by investing in employees, identifying skill gaps and training needs, implement organization and management strategies, retain institutional knowledge and replace unique or highly specialized competencies.

Our experts also assist and support communities with specialized projects such as:

  • Collective Bargaining Contract Analysis and Negotiation Preparation
  • Employee Surveys
  • Job Description Development
  • Policies, Procedure and Employee Handbook Development
  • Process Improvement
  • Professional Development and Training


Compensation and Classification Analysis Studies

Our Compensation and Classification Analysis Studies service provides a detailed review of an organization’s current compensation structures, job classifications, and internal/external market conditions. The primary goal is to ensure that your organization remains competitive, compliant, and consistent in its approach to compensation and job classification.

Key Service Features:

  • Comprehensive Compensation Analysis:
    • Evaluate the existing salary structures and benefits.
    • Compare with relevant market benchmarks and industry standards.
    • Provide recommendations for adjustments to maintain competitive positioning.
  • Job Classification Review:
    • Analyze current job roles, responsibilities, and descriptions.
    • Recommend clear and updated job classifications based on duties, complexity, and required qualifications.
    • Ensure alignment with organizational needs and objectives.
  • Market Positioning:
    • Conduct research on industry trends, competitors’ compensation practices, and emerging market dynamics.
    • Offer insights on how to position your organization competitively in the talent market.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
    • Ensure that your compensation and classification practices align with local, state, and federal regulations.
    • Provide guidance on equal pay, anti-discrimination laws, and other relevant legislations.
  • Customized Reporting:
    • Deliver detailed reports on findings, data analyses, and recommendations.
    • Use interactive and visual tools to simplify complex data points and facilitate decision-making.
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Training:
    • Engage with leadership and other key stakeholders to ensure alignment and buy-in.
    • Offer training sessions for HR personnel on best practices, tool utilization, and change management.

Benefits of the Service:

Competitive Advantage: Stay ahead of industry trends and ensure that your organization remains an attractive option for current and potential employees.

Regulatory Peace of Mind: Avoid potential legal pitfalls by ensuring compliance with all relevant compensation regulations.

Consistency and Clarity: Streamlined job classifications reduce confusion, streamline HR processes, and make talent management more efficient.

Strategic Decision Making: Armed with accurate data and insights, leadership can make informed decisions about compensation, budgeting, and talent management.

Increased Employee Satisfaction: Fair and transparent compensation and classification practices can lead to greater job satisfaction and retention.

Municipal Executive Management Coaching and Mentoring

Our Municipal Executive Management Coaching and Mentoring service is specially tailored to support municipal leaders in strengthening their leadership skills, navigating the complexities of local governance, and driving transformative changes within their communities. By blending personalized coaching with mentorship, we aim to empower municipal executives to lead with clarity, confidence, and a profound understanding of their unique challenges.

Key Service Features:

  • Customized Coaching Sessions:
    • Personalized Personalized one-on-one sessions that address individual challenges, strengths, and areas for growth.
  • Mentoring by Experienced Municipal Leaders:
    • Access to seasoned municipal executives who share insights, best practices, and lessons learned from their careers.
  • Leadership Skill Enhancement:
    • Focus on key areas such as strategic planning, conflict resolution, team management, and effective communication.
  • Continuous Feedback Mechanism:
    • Regular reviews and feedback loops to ensure alignment with personal and municipal goals.
  • Peer Networking Opportunities:
    • Organized events and forums for municipal leaders to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and foster collaborations.

Benefits of the Service:

Informed Decision Making: Equip municipal executives with the tools and insights needed to make decisions that best serve their communities.

Enhanced Leadership Abilities: Develop strong leadership attributes tailored to the nuances of municipal governance.

Network Expansion: Broaden horizons by connecting with a diverse range of municipal leaders and experts.

Personal Growth: Foster self-awareness, resilience, and adaptability in the face of evolving municipal challenges.

Transformative Community Impact: Through empowered leadership, drive initiatives that make a meaningful difference in local communities.