Graphic & Web Design

Making a good first impression is vital to communicating your objectives and establishing relationships with your community. When you begin to think about branding, think about how your brand will encompass your organization – from your logo, your website, your social media pages, and most importantly your customer’s experience. Has your material been set up so that it is inclusive and accessible to all? CSS can assist you in creating a unique brand that will resonate with your existing customers reinforcing the bond that you have already created and build trust with new customers.

The CSS team is skillful at creating magnificent designs that elevate the standard of your public outreach efforts through a multi-layered approach across various platforms. Our team works hard to produce creative and astute work that conveys your organization’s campaigns to your audience through impressive graphic design concepts. Moreover, we work with tools including Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Apps, Google Slides, Canva, and many more.

Brand Development & Logo Design

A well thought out brand will provide an experience that will drive emotion. CSS can assist you in creating a unique brand that will resonate with your existing customers, reinforcing the bond that you have already created.  We also offer prime logo design services at a quality and affordable price. Our creative team has over a decade of production design experience, and is masterfully capable of creating a logo that best reflects your brand message.

Here is what every successful brand does:

  • Improves Recognition
  • Builds Trust
  • Supports Campaigns/Advertising
  • Contributes to the Financial Value of the Company
  • Generates Customers/New Leads
  • Empowers/Inspires Employees


Infographics Design

High-quality infographics are remarkably more likely to be read than text, our designers understand how to convey ideas and data in the most visually appealing way.

Print Design

Sending something to print can be so final! Whether you’re looking for a spectacular new business card, some stunning flyers, or larger materials for tradeshows, our talented team of designers can make it happen. CSS prides ourselves with a decade of high-quality production design industry experience and we deliver only the best print design services.

We work closely with our clients and produce the perfect layout, color palette and design elements that bring your concept to life. Our team. Your needs. One goal. Call us any time.

Presentation Design

Our design team can give your presentations a professional and well-organized look which is distinguished from your typical PowerPoint. We design visual illustrations, animations, infographics, motion graphics, and more on your presentation slides to capture the attention of your audience.

Social Media Designer

Our skilled designers deliver personalized social media design solutions to expand your visibility on multiple social media platforms and develop a powerful bond between your brand and your followers.

Video Production & Editing

We offer professional video editing services, from raw footage to post-production work. Video editing services can include cutting segments (trimming), re-sequencing clips, and adding transitions and other special effects.

Web Graphics & Banner Ads

Great UI, graphics on a website will make your visitors stay active on your site for a long time. From icons to images, our team designs beautiful elements that enhance the look of your site and are created in engaging ways for your audience. Our graphic designers are experts in various designing tools and have remarkable experience in handling graphic design projects across various industries.

Web Development Services

Our team can help you with the development of your website and provide you with the tools you need to ensure that your content is always up to date. We will also provide you with the skills you need to drive traffic to your site using social media, at a reasonable rate that will not break the bank.

We work with our clients to develop dynamic ADA-compliant websites. Our clients are leading the way with their digital presence and understand the power of a service-minded approach to their website design. Our team ensures that each website is well organized, content-rich, highly searchable, and is continuously updated and improved to enhance the end-user’s experience.

Need an Overhaul?

Our aim is to make your website stronger and more useful for you and your site visitors. First, we assess what works and what does not with your current website, what you want to keep and what you want to change. Next, we identify problem areas and how to make improvements. After you approve of the scope of our proposal, CSS hits the ground running to ensure the timely launch of your redesigned website.

Dynamic Content

A dynamic and up-to-date website will be more relevant to a visitor, and it will also give repeat visitors a reason to return. News, specials, and testimonials are a few ways of making a website more exciting and dynamic. Best of all, updating your content regularly makes it more search-engine friendly.

Professional Responsive Design

First impressions count, and a professionally designed website with professional images makes all the difference. An important factor many people overlook is the color of a site. Whether it’s a subtle hint to complement your logo – or a full patterned background – the right color scheme plays a big role in catching a visitor’s eye. A picture is worth 1,000 words; you always want to use high-quality images to make a great first impression.

Whether you’re looking at a website on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, responsive design ensures the best viewing experience because it enables the site’s layout to adapt to the parameters of the viewing device. Its advantages include: 

  • Ease and simplicity of managing the design for a single website
  • Cohesive branding
  • Consistent user experience


Inclusion of Individuals with Disabilities and Non-Native English Speakers

It is important when sharing information that we make accommodations for individuals with blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing loss, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity, and any combination of these, as well as accommodations for individuals with learning disabilities and cognitive limitations. Individuals that speak another language also need to be considered.

Website Optimization

Customer contact list, email marketing, and SMS alerts – will significantly improve your ability to stay in contact and engage your customers. CSS will create a site that will allow you to boost in productivity while also improving customer experience with email confirmations and text reminders.

Customer Management Tools

The internet is becoming an increasingly crowded marketplace. CSS can assist you in making your website visible to your customers, by optimizing your website. Website optimization is the process of specifically designing your website to rank high in the Search Engines. If you’re serious about your business, optimizing your website is a must.

Strategic Budgeting Solutions

Utilizing strategic communications solutions to fit a variety of budgets. CSS understands the challenges of financial and budget constraints, there are a variety of communications strategies that can be implemented to work within your budget while establishing rapport with your community/clients. We will customize a communications strategy that will work to enhance communications, while staying within budget.

Project Example: Framingham Housing Authority Website Redesign, Framingham, MA

The modernization of the Framingham Housing Authorities’ (FHA) website provides a user-friendly experience for families and individuals seeking information on deeply affordable housing options in Middlesex County, as well as for current FHA residents and Housing Choice Voucher program participants, vendors, and landlords interested in accepting Housing Choice Vouchers. The redesign and modernize the FHA website will included a responsive design adapt its layout based on the size of the viewer’s screen. This ensures that your website will function properly on computers, smartphones, and tablets. A content management system (CMS) enables users to create, edit, collaborate on, publish, and store digital content to maintain efficiencies and to keep the website current. Implemented accessibility upgrades to provide for equitable access of FHA’s digital content in compliance with requirements established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508l, and using the highest code-based content standards as required by WCAG 2.0 A and AA.

The Housing Authority’s website redesign is part of our ongoing commitment to exceptional customer service. Our website’s new look and simplified navigation not only makes our housing information more accessible, it also enables our residents to quickly and easily access information about educational opportunities, job training, and health and wellness programs.

Paul Landers
Framingham Housing Authority Executive Director