Public Administration, Finance & Grant Management

Our team develops and executes cost – effective public policy initiatives and services that ensure the financial stability, efficiency, and effectiveness of state and local government.

Capital Improvement Planning

We guide communities through the planning, financing, and implementing of capital improvements. We outline the steps needed to establish a strategic and comprehensive capital improve ment program (CIP) and walk them through the decision – making process for construction and maintenance of their buildings, infrastructure, and equipment.

Executive Coaching & Management Assistance

We innovate, redefine, and empower municipal professionals w ith the keys to unlock the full potential of their leadership and to have the greatest impact on the communities they serve. As former municipal leaders, we provide guidance and assistance to new managers as they strive to lead their communities into the f uture.

Grant Management and Oversight

We assist our clients in researching and obtaining grant funding each year by crafting compelling applications and identifying ways to scale effective programs. We offer a full variety of grant writing, management, and technical assistance services customized to the needs of our clients. Our team is skilled at overseeing the entire grant life cycle process, from proposal to close; pre – award management, approval process, tracking payments, reviewing budgets, producing re levant reports, and post – award contract compliance.

Management Studies and Support Services

We assist municipalities in identifying opportunities to strengthen their operations. Once defined, strategies are created to ensure that opportunities can be effec tively captured using best management practices that have been tailored to meet individual needs of the community and implemented with follow – up assistance. These management improvement projects address a specific and focused scope of services that are def ined by the municipality.

Municipal Finance Assistance/Budget Preparation

We utilize our extensive experience in financial management, information management, training, reporting, and process analysis to maximize results for our clients. The budget process should be based on a data – driven understanding of the community’s fiscal condition and translate its needs and priorities into services. Financial policies, capital planning, and forecasting provide structure, context, and insight into a community’s need s, fiscal condition, and ability to provide service now and into the future.

Policy Review and Formulation

The formulation of public policy doesn’t happen in a vacuum, we understand the evolving climate that we are living in and the challenges that municip al agencies have in formulating policies that best meet the needs of their operations, staff, and community members. We incorporate the best understanding of economics, science, law, history, and morality and evaluate the long – term consequences of policy d ecisions on all people.


Our team is skilled at drafting requests for proposals, acquisition planning, contract management, evaluation of contract proposals and contractor services evaluations. With knowledge and experience in both state and federal procur ement requirements, we assist clients in meeting all public purchasing rules and regulations.

Strategic Planning

When strategic planning is done correctly, it has the power to transform today’ s visions into tomorrow’s realities. Our team helps municipalities realize their long – term vision by setting up goals and objectives in a systematic, incremental manner. We review what is happening today, where you want to be tomorrow, and which steps you will need to take to get there. While strategic planning is a valuable tool that assists all sizes of government in plan ning for the future, it must be emphasized that the process is only as strong as its advocates. Specifically, strategic planning may on ly succeed if it has the unequivocal support of the chief executive, legislative body and affected department heads.

Senior Team Building and Brainstorming

When municipal leaders, division heads, department heads and managers learn to excel at communicatio n and collaboration, the entire community benefits. We provide team building and brainstorming sessions for municipal organizations to allow them to perform at the highest levels possible and to grow and fine – tune their professional skills while building s trong bonds with their colleagues.

Project Example: Financial Compliance Staff Support for Federal ARPA Funding and Other Programs, City of Lynn

Working with input from the city’s designated staff members, Capital Strategic Solutions will develop a comprehensive recovery funding portfolio for the City of Lynn with funding streams to support the City’s Covid-19 pandemic disaster response and economic recovery. The portfolio will include reimbursement programs, stimulus funding, grants or loans from various federal or state programs, especially those identified in Covid-19 related state and federal legislation. Funding streams will include, ARPA, Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund, SLFRF and any other future federal acts that may provide funding to the city. CSS will also design and formulate processes for gathering public input with regard to this funding.

My administration’s partnership with Capital Strategic Solutions allowed our goals of transparency and inclusion to be at the forefront of community engagement. The CSS team always kept our goals in mind and has made a perceptible mark as we worked with residents to develop the City’s vision,

Mayor Jared Nicholson
City of Lynn