Support Services

Our talented team of experts can offer agencies and organizations on-site support services in their time of need in several areas of operations to allow the continuity of services at the highest level. Our contracts for support services may include:

Administrative Support Services

Our administrative support staff provides on-demand services when you need them. They are dedicated professionals that can jump in feet first to help you in any way you need to be more productive.

  • Handling administrative requests and queries from senior managers
  • Organizing and scheduling appointments
  • Planning meetings and taking detailed minutes
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Report preparation
  • Answering phones and email messages
  • Maintenance of online and paper filing systems


Advisory and Support Services at the Executive Level

We have the breadth of perspectives and depth of experience to provide strategic advice to help achieve optimal — and sustainable — results. We create a custom approach tailored to each unique situation and bring extensive experience with tested techniques

  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Review and Formulation
  • Senior Team Building and Brainstorming
  • Executive Coaching
  • Municipal Finance Assistance/Budget Preparation
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Human Resources Support
  • General Management Studies and Support


Interim Municipal Treasury and Collections Assistance

Our Interim Municipal Treasury and Collection Assistance service provides municipalities with specialized interim staffing solutions for their treasury and collection departments. Addressing urgent needs arising from staffing gaps, peak workloads, system transitions, or other unforeseen challenges, we ensure that critical financial functions continue seamlessly, safeguarding a municipality’s fiscal health and compliance.

Key Service Feature:

  • Temporary Staffing Solutions:
    Deployment of experienced treasury and collection professionals tailored to your municipality’s specific needs on a temporary basis.
  • Financial Oversight:
    Expertise in managing municipal revenues, expenditures, investments, and debt service requirements.
  • Efficient Collections:
    Assistance with the timely collection of taxes, fees, and other revenues, ensuring the municipality’s cash flow is maintained.
  • Compliance Assurance:
    Ensure that all treasury and collection activities comply with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Transition Support:
    Provide support during the integration of new financial software or processes, ensuring continuity and accuracy.
  • Training and Skill Transfer:
    On-the-job training for existing municipal staff to enhance their skills and ensure a smooth transition once the interim period concludes.

Benefits of the Service:

Continuity: Maintain uninterrupted treasury and collection functions, ensuring the municipality’s fiscal operations proceed without hitches.

Expertise Access: Draw from a pool of experienced professionals, negating the need for a lengthy recruitment process during pressing times.

Risk Mitigation: With experienced staff at the helm, reduce the chances of financial oversights or non-compliance.

Cost-Efficiency: Avoid the financial burden associated with permanent hires, especially during transitional or uncertain periods.

Operational Flexibility: Address immediate needs while retaining the flexibility to adapt as circumstances change.

Interim Public Information Officer Assistance

Our Interim Public Information Officer Assistance service provides municipalities, organizations, and agencies with a temporary, skilled professional to manage communication and information dissemination during transitional phases, sudden vacancies, or heightened public attention periods. Recognizing the paramount importance of accurate, transparent, and timely communication, our interim service ensures the continuity of public relations, media relations, and information management.

Key Service Feature:

  • Expert Communication Management:Facilitation of media inquiries, press conferences, and interviews, representing the organization’s voice and stance accurately.

  • Content Creation:Development and distribution of press releases, newsletters, and official statements in line with the organization’s messaging.

  • Crisis Communication:Rapid response and management in situations demanding immediate public communication to safeguard an organization’s reputation.

  • Digital Media Oversight:Management of official digital channels, including websites, social media platforms, and email communication.

  • Stakeholder Coordination:Collaborating with internal teams, external partners, and media houses to ensure consistent and synchronized messaging.

  • Public Engagement: Organizing and facilitating public engagement events, town halls, and information sessions.

Benefits of the Service:

Consistent Communication: Ensure a steady flow of accurate and clear communication, even during transitional or turbulent times.

Reputation Management: Protect and enhance the organization’s public image with timely and well-crafted messaging.

Seamless Transition: Provide a smooth bridge between outgoing and incoming PIOs, ensuring no loss of institutional knowledge.

Strategic Insight: Draw from experienced PIOs who bring a wealth of best practices and strategies tailored to specific situations.

Cost-Effective Solution: Avail expert PIO services without the commitment of a long-term hire, aligning with budgetary and timeline constraints.

Interim Public Works Director

Our Interim Public Works Director service provides municipalities with immediate, experienced personnel to manage and oversee public works operations during transitional periods, unexpected vacancies, or during heightened project demands. Recognizing the essential nature of public works in ensuring the well-being and functionality of a community, this interim service guarantees continuity, effective project management, and efficient utilization of resources.

Key Service Feature:

  • Experienced Personnel Deployment:
    Swift integration of skilled public works professionals familiar with municipal operations, infrastructure projects, and maintenance tasks.
  • Project Oversight:
    Management and supervision of ongoing public works projects to ensure they progress on time, within budget, and to established standards.
  • Operational Continuity:
    Ensuring that routine maintenance, repairs, and other essential public works services continue without disruption.
  • Resource Management:
    Efficient allocation and utilization of public works resources, from equipment to manpower, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Stakeholder Communication:
    Coordinating with municipal leaders, contractors, and the public to ensure transparency, address concerns, and provide updates.
  • Safety and Compliance:
    Upholding safety standards, ensuring all operations align with local, state, and federal regulations.

Benefits of the Service:

Uninterrupted Service: Guarantee the continuity of public works services, ensuring the community’s infrastructure needs are met consistently.

Swift Adaptability: Benefit from professionals who can quickly acclimate to your municipality’s specific challenges and operational environment.

Risk Management: With knowledgeable staff at the helm, reduce potential operational, safety, and compliance risks.

Budget Efficiency: Receive expert services without the long-term financial commitment, aligning with fiscal constraints and project timelines.

Project Consistency: Ensure that public works projects maintain their trajectory and quality even in the face of internal changes.

Interim Town Administrator/Manager

Our Interim Town Administrator/Manager service provides towns with a temporary, highly skilled and experienced professional to steer town affairs during transitions, unexpected vacancies, or special projects. Recognizing the pivotal role of a Town Administrator/Manager in local governance, our interim service ensures smooth operations, continuity of services, and stability during periods of change.

Key Service Feature:

  • Immediate Leadership:
    Rapid deployment of an experienced town administrator/manager who can quickly acclimate to the specific needs and nuances of your town.
  • Operational Management:
    Oversight of day-to-day town operations, ensuring continued delivery of public services, staff management, and financial oversight.
  • Project Continuity:
    Ensuring ongoing projects, initiatives, and services continue seamlessly, avoiding delays or disruptions.
  • Stakeholder Engagement:
    Effective communication with town councils, boards, committees, and the public, ensuring transparency and maintaining trust.
  • Transition Support:
    Assisting in the recruitment and onboarding of a permanent Town Administrator/Manager, facilitating a smooth handover.
  • Strategic Guidance:
    Providing interim strategic direction and decision-making to keep the town progressing toward its goals.

Benefits of the Service:

Stability: Maintain operational stability and continuity in town governance and services during transitional periods.

Expertise on Demand: Benefit from the leadership of seasoned professionals without the commitment of a long-term appointment.

Flexible Duration: Tailored solutions to match the length of the interim period, whether short-term or extended.

Risk Mitigation: Reduce potential operational and governance risks arising from an unexpected leadership gap.

Cost-Efficiency: Opt for an interim solution that aligns with budget constraints, avoiding long-term financial commitments

Photography Services

We offer site photography and commercial drone services authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration that are designed to improve the effectiveness public information outreach campaigns for our clients.

  • Onsite Construction Photography
  • Ariel Drone Photography



Our team of experts is well versed local, state and federal laws and procedures to ensure open and fair competition for contracts paid for with public money.

  • Draft Request for Proposals/Bid Language
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Evaluation of Contract Proposals
  • Contractor Services Evaluations


Research, Studies, and Independent Evaluations

Getting any new program, process or initiative underway takes a great deal of time, energy, and financial resources. So, it’s important to document the activities, record the progress, and perform evaluations to know if your efforts having an impact. Our team can assist you with:

  • Case Studies
  • Efficiency of Operations Studies
  • Evaluation of Services


Strategic Solutions for Data Management

Our comprehensive open data and financial reporting innovations assist how our clients interpret data in a way that is more useful, increasing participation, and developing economic prospects. Our data management solutions include:

  • Asset Management & Equipment Purchases
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project Management Portals
  • Public Records Request Management
  • Tracking and Reporting Capital Improvement Projects