Capital Strategic Solutions is pleased to welcome project specialist Justin De Jesus to the team. Justin earned his bachelor’s degree in graphic design and studio art from UMass Boston. Before joining CSS, Justin worked as Lead Graphic Design Artist for Young Culture Entertainment in Boston. His work there included developing logos, custom illustrations, typography, and artwork for product packaging and promotional materials for various clients.

Justin will be instrumental in our community outreach and engagement strategy with his fluency in Spanish and English. This invaluable skill set will allow us to deepen our connections within our multilingual communities, ensuring that our outreach is inclusive and resonates with the voices we aim to serve. Justin will be charged with leading community engagement initiatives that bridge cultural and linguistic divides.

My passion for art has taken me around the city of Boston working on various freelance projects with many different and interesting clients, which allowed me to interact and engage multi-cultural audiences. My years as a designer have given me life experiences I will never forget, and I look forward to many more great, creative experiences with Capital Strategic Solutions and our clients.

Justin De Jesus

Project Specialist , Capital Strategic Solutions

Bringing together the vibrancy of visual storytelling and the power of language, Justin embodies the spirit of innovation and inclusivity. With a degree in Graphic Design and a talent for cross-cultural communication, he is set to design not just images, but a shared vision for the communities we serve. Welcome to the team, Justin, your creativity knows no bounds and every conversation is a canvas awaiting your touch.

Nichol Figueiredo

CEO, Partner, Capital Strategic Solutions

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Justin. If you need Justin’s expertise for your next graphic design or other communications project, please contact us by emailing: