As we begin the new year, many grants have become available. Our grant team has assembled the following list to keep an eye out for.

Federal Grant Opportunities

There are three federal grants which have recently been announced that offer significant funding to municipalities. The programs include energy improvements to K-12 schools, funding infrastructure for solid waste collection and recycling to improve collection and management, and a consumer recycling education and outreach grant program. All three have deadlines in mid-January.



Read more about these three federal grants on our website and meet our grant team!

State Grant Opportunities

As we begin the new year, a two State grants become available again to communities.

The Community One Stop for Growth | program launched several years ago offers municipalities the opportunity to submit a single application for a project they are considering and work with the state to determine if one or more of the twelve grant programs can be harnessed to bring a project to fruition. Projects can range from economic development initiatives, housing and community development, and opportunities to address a site that may have development challenges. Small towns should not overlook the chance to apply for the rural and small town development fund. The application period opens this month for submissions in February and March, and the State will hold webinars to provide guidance on the process. Working in partnership with the State, full applications are due by early June, with awards announced in the fall.


The State has also announced the opening of the 911 System Development Grant. Apply for the Development Grant | Communities who are considering forming a regional communications center, joining one already established, or transitioning to another center are all eligible to apply for this grant. The State has prioritized regionalization of this service, making between $8-$40 million dollars available in FY24. Communities that have regionalized have benefitted from funding to establish and build modern centers that offer the most up-to-date technology, better coordination of public safety resources, and often at less cost than providing the service on their own. The State will hold a webinar on January 19’th (register at, with applications due on March 2, 2023.