The evolution of technology has changed the way that personnel and equipment are managed during inclement winter weather.

On January 11, 2022, we hosted a discussion between Peter Sellers, Former Director of Framingham Public Works; Dan Nason, Town of Sudbury Director of Public Works; Jennifer Thompson, Chief Development Officer and Nichol Figueiredo, Chief Executive Officer at Capital Strategic Solutions. The objective of our panel was to highlight the challenges of a Public Works Department and provide solutions through our discussion from past experiences and from the use of technology.

We are excited to share video the first part of our conversation surrounding workforce challenges with the shortage of operational assistance with snow and ice removal.

Stay tuned for more video from this discussion surrounding public works departments! We’re looking forward to sharing the rest of our conversation with you soon. Our next videos will focus on climate change, environmental challenges, and resiliency and efficiently operating infrastructure and the necessity for capital improvement planning.

Did you know?

We provide our clients with the support that they need to help manage effective communications during winter weather events. Let’s talk about what we can do for you! Please contact or call us at 508-690-0046.