Capital Strategic Solutions had the pleasure of assisting the Town of Sherborn with the recruitment of its next Public Health Administrator. At a time when recruiting qualified municipal leaders has become a significant challenge, the Town asked us to use every means necessary to attract the most desirable candidates for this critical position.   

Located in the heart of Metrowest, the Town of Sherborn is a well-managed municipality that offers highly competitive benefits coupled with opportunities and experiences that are unique to working in a small town. The Town’s Public Health Administrator plays a vital role in the community as they help to guide Sherborn’s efforts in safeguarding and improving public health.  

Given the highly competitive nature of recruiting in the public sector, CSS chose to use a customized and aggressive advertising, outreach and recruitment strategy to garner the attention of as many qualified applicants as possible. After completing a wage and compensation study of the Health Department, CSS worked with the town to craft a customized recruitment advertisement that focused on the benefits of working in Sherborn and highlighted the positive attributes it has as a municipal employer. 

The team at CSS used a customized method to find qualified candidates that could provide the Health Department in Sherborn with the right professional to support the Board of Health, staff and volunteers under economic challenges.   

CSS has a good understanding of what the Board of Health does where a lot of people do not. They knew the salary was low and had the right approach to it without having people turn it down.

Daryl Beardsley

Chair of Sherborn Board of Health, Town of Sherborn

After a successful interview process, the Town of Sherborn was excited to have their new Public Health Administrator start the role on May 13, 2024. 

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