Capital Strategic Solutions is happy to welcome Kenneth Calder to our team as Senior Project Manager. Ken’s experience in Public Works, his work ethic, and his unique set of skills make him an asset to every project and every community. Ken is unafraid to jump into a challenge and is a master of leading his team through uncertain waters. His hands-on approach ensures a fine attention to detail, and his ability to foster a collaborative work environment increases the likelihood of success with any project he tackles. Ken is able to evaluate and improve internal departmental processes, and his insight on best management practices sets departments up for long term success.

“It gives me immense pleasure to welcome Kenneth J. Calder as the newest addition to our team at Capital Strategic Solutions. Ken’s extensive Public Works expertise, strong work ethic, and unique skills are a perfect match for our mission to benefit projects and communities alike. His leadership qualities, hands-on approach, and ability to foster teamwork stand to enhance our project outcomes significantly. With a proven track record in improving processes and leading strategic projects, notably as Deputy Director of Project Management in Weston, MA, Ken’s insights are invaluable. We’re excited for the impact Ken will have and warmly welcome him aboard!” 

Nichol Figueiredo

Chief Executive Officer, Capital Strategic Solutions

As the Deputy Director of Project Management at Weston, Ken worked to develop long term capital and maintenance plans, and organized priority projects to best suit the needs of the community and ensure delivery of services. His experience on projects like implementing automated water meters, the EPA Lead and Copper Rule inventory, and the Weston de-icing program honed his ability to jump into projects early, problem solve, and communicate with invested stakeholders throughout the project.

“The best strategy to set your project up for success is to know your team, their strengths and weaknesses and take it one step at a time. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by large projects but the best strategy is to break it down, prioritize, look for problems, and get solutions rolling.”

Kenneth Calder

Senior Project Manager, Capital Strategic Solutions

What stands out most from Ken’s work in Weston and other communities, is his implementation of in-house training and programming. Within his department, Ken saw an opportunity for increased certification amongst the staff. From there Ken did what he does best and jumped at the challenge to ensure staff had all the professional training resources they needed. Ken achieved the necessary certifications to perform in-house training from OSHA certifications, traffic zone training, plow training, MS4, and others. This was able to streamline many internal processes and created a professional workforce that could mobilize to solve problems quickly and effectively. This also had added insurance benefits for the town and built trust between the department and the community by ensuring that the department was making every effort to perform at top service. This work in particular created a healthy work environment for staff and set the department up for many future successes in the long run.

Ken’s ability to orchestrate this myriad of training programs is facilitated by his many certifications. Ken is certified in Municipal Emergency Management, Industrial Safety and Health, and is a certified FMCA CDL License Trainer. He has made it a point to stay up to date on all trainings, classes, and seminars to advance his knowledge in procurement, worksite safety, municipal water systems, and industrial health and safety.

From his problem solving, to his hands on approach, Ken has proven himself to be an insightful leader in every community he’s served. We are thrilled to welcome him to our team, and we look forward to sharing his skills with communities far and wide.