The best laid plans can often change in the field due to any number of unforeseen conditions, including inaccurate utility mapping, unexpected underground utility lines, and aging infrastructure.

When underground utility lines are not accurately mapped, contractors may encounter unexpected utility lines during excavation, leading to delays and schedule disruptions. Unforeseen utility-related problems can also lead to cost overruns, and additional work may be required to reroute or relocate utilities, which can be expensive. They can also lead to unanticipated impacts to the public, such as a temporary disruption of service, travel related impacts, which is why keeping the community informed ahead of utility construction impacts is crucial.

By informing the community ahead of time, residents and businesses can make necessary arrangements and preparations to mitigate the disruptions caused by the construction, such as traffic detours, road closures, and changes to access points. Utility construction can pose safety risks to the community. By providing information in advance, residents can take necessary precautions to ensure their safety, such as staying away from construction zones, and following traffic rules.

CSS proactively engages with affected abutters, business owners, and interested parties. Their hands-on approach brings people to the table and resolves issues before they become significant problems. CSS is an excellent partner during complex construction projects.

Dennis A. Vertiyev, P.E.

Transportation Group Project Manager , Green International Affiliates Inc

Keeping the community informed fosters trust between the project team and the community. It shows that the team is transparent about its operations and is taking the community’s concerns into consideration. The project team can build long-term relationships with stakeholders and address any concerns or issues before construction begins. This can help avoid conflicts and potential legal disputes.

Good communication and transparency can help build long-term relationships between the project team and the community. This can be beneficial for the company in the long run as it can help improve its reputation and potentially attract new customers.

Overall, keeping the community informed ahead of utility construction impacts is essential for minimizing disruptions, ensuring safety, fostering transparency, engaging stakeholders, and building long-term relationships.