We Know That CSS Is a Consulting Firm, but What Do They Consult On and Who Are They?

Capital Strategic Solutions (CSS) is our clients’ best kept secret. We are comprised of municipal experts, who act as an extension of our client’s workforce. Having extensive backgrounds in local and state government, our CSS team seamlessly integrates into the communities they serve providing the support when needed at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

So, is CSS a temporary agency? No, CSS is not a temporary agency, however we do provide onsite support to multiple clients. Our employees range from former Town Managers, Administrators, Public Works’ Directors, Public Information Officers, Public Safety Leaders, Finance Professionals, etc. We are currently assisting the City of Marlborough by filling in a vacant position in the Mayor’s office, while they prepare for the arrival of a new full-time Executive Assistant. We are also assisting the Town of Pepperell providing support to their Treasurer Collector’s Office, and the Town of Belmont with Human Resources support services.

Still sounds like a temporary agency… We can see that, but we also provide project specific support. In smaller communities, like Plainville and Easton we are providing specific support relative to water quality and public communications. Both communities exceeded a maximum contamination level for PFAS6 and needed support services to answer questions from community members about their drinking water. Our team responds to the incoming inquiries that would very much overwhelm the office staff.

The staff at CSS have been assisting several communities with compliance for the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding they received. CSS professionals are well versed in the federal requirements for ARPA funding, having gone through a similar process with the American Rescue and Recovery Act of 2009. We’ve been assisting the City of Lynn with both compliance and community outreach, as well as 29 other communities across Massachusetts.

Our company is also providing support services to several other communities with grant funding opportunities, and the projects that this funding is supporting. Our team is assisting the Town of Weymouth and Green International Affiliates with the outreach services for the Columbian Square Improvement Project, which will change the trajectory of the square, improving the safety of pedestrians and vehicular traffic movements; as well as create a vibrant, walkable atmosphere spurring commerce within the historic village center. Team members are also supporting the Town of Shrewsbury and Kimley-Horn with the Shrewsbury Multimodal Study, and the Town of Weston with the Weston Water Tanks Project, educating community members about the impact that improvements may have on their quality of life.

We are a municipal workforce on wheels, we go where we are needed and assist our clients through the challenges that they face. Having worked in municipal government, it allows us to roll up our sleeves and jump right in.

Nichol Figueiredo

CEO, Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC

Are you only supporting projects in Massachusetts? No, we are supporting communities throughout New England. In Rhode Island, we are working with the Town of Burrillville supporting the Department of Public Works with funding opportunities and project management. We recently signed on with the Town of Putnam, CT to assist them with grant funding opportunities. We have partnered with with BETA and EJ Prescott to support communities throughout the northeast. CSS is licensed to do business in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. We currently possess our Women-Owned (WBE)/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certifications and have been certified through the Small Business Purchasing Program (SBPP) in Massachusetts. Additionally, we are pursing disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) certification in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

That’s a lot of certifications, why are they important? The certifications provide an edge for minority business owners. They provide a more level playing field, and the opportunity to expand our market under state and federal contracting requirements.

Interesting, so we’ve covered onsite support, finance and community outreach – is there anything else that CSS does that sets CSS apart from other consulting firms? Yes, we provide much, much more and have experts in the fields of public administration and municipal finance, human resources and policy development, emergency management services and public safety, public works and infrastructure operations, public relations and community engagement, project management and oversight, grant writing and administration, and onsite support services. Our clients range from cities, towns, state agencies, engineering firms, contractors, private firms, etc.

We are excited to be delivering much needed support to our clients in so many different areas. Providing solutions and assistance to communities and agencies, is what we do best, and we are incredibly grateful that we get to share the amazing skills and experience of our staff members with clients.

Jennifer Thompson

CDO, Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC