Capital Strategic Solutions is proud to call MediaBoss one of our community partners in New England. We have had the pleasure of knowing and working with MediaBoss for many years now and we are ecstatic to tackle new challenges and projects with them in 2023. MediaBoss’s ability to craft a narrative, no matter the project, is a testament to their skills as communicators and storytellers. They are able to reshape what may first appear as plain, into an honest and engaging experience. What makes them stand out is their consistency of approach, as every project, no matter the scale or subject, receives the same level of care and attention.


What can often make messaging difficult or convoluted when it comes to municipal government is the notion that this type of communication is inherently restricted in how it can be crafted. MediaBoss is able to work with the needs of municipalities while offering them multiple creative pathways that open up their opportunities for community engagement. By bringing the same approach to every client, no project is ever boxed in, so the clarity and effectiveness of the messaging is able to thrive. MediaBoss is able to meet everyone where they are and build a tailored, structural approach that builds off of strong storytelling, and a deep understanding of the marketplace.

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