Capital Strategic Solutions is happy to welcome Paul Normandin into our fold. Paul joins us from Southbridge where he works as the Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director. Paul’s dedication in the public safety field has given him years of hands-on experience in managing fire and EMS provisions. His time in Southbridge especially has given him incredible insight into the unique financial planning necessary to operate robust and effective Emergency Medical Services. His approach is able to untangle complicated issues with dedicated research, and data driven solutions. During the beginning of the pandemic Paul was able to mobilize their services and messaging quickly, working with multiple departments within Southbridge to generate a comprehensive plan to adapt to the ever-changing situation at hand. It is this ability to jump in, and quickly adapt and problem solve that has made Paul so successful in what he does. We are extremely excited to work with him and share his expertise with cities and towns throughout New England.

Paul has served as the Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director of the Southbridge Fire Department since 2019. Within this position Paul was responsible for managing the administrative business affairs for the department as well as working to establish short and long term policy objectives and procedures. This position allowed Paul to use his talent for meticulous planning and data analysis to build a more streamlined and cohesive billing plan for the departments EMS. Paul’s knowledge of EMS was able to evaluate the town’s existing financial position and find other options that best suited their needs. Paul has a deep understanding of the unique nature of municipal EMS, and the delicate balance required to fund services that can successfully serve the needs of the community. Using his knowledge of Procurement and grant research, Paul was able to establish a more successful and sustainable financial plan for the department. Over his time in the department Paul was able to build upon these decisions and plans to grow his department to better serve the community’s needs.

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It’s no surprise that the start of Paul’s career was in Emergency Medical Services, which has given him a strong understanding and foundation in EMS provisions. Paul himself has seen the EMS industry change and evolve at the municipal level over the years. Paul first began his career in East Brookfield as a Firefighter and EMT. From there he advanced to Lieutenant and Paramedic before becoming Deputy Fire Chief and EMS coordinator, allowing him the chance to hone his management skills. Concurrently during this period Paul was also serving as a Paramedic in the City of Worcester for UMASS Memorial Healthcare from 1992-2008. Within this position Paul became practiced in providing EMS provisions in an extremely busy agency, giving him a foundation in balancing the many factors of high volume EMS provisions. This unique array of communities has given Paul a myriad of skills that he can easily adapt to the specific needs of a community. Having worked in communities as different as Worcester, East Brookfield, Southbridge, and Leicester, Paul has the experience and qualifications needed to tailor services and provisions to suit the particular needs of a community

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This background in EMS particularly served Paul well in the early days of the pandemic as he was able to assess the situation at hand and use his skills to act quickly and collaborate with colleagues. This meant opening an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) so there could be a solid foundation from which to coordinate communication to community members. Establishing an EOC utilized his skills in financial planning, management of supplies, and emergency planning, as they were able to follow existing plans to respond quickly and make adjustments as needed. The early days of the pandemic were full of confusion and mixed messaging, but Paul and his team were able to utilize their EMS skills to build a strong base of operations that could then support their evolving community needs. From this base they provided support for Police and Firefighters so they could reduce exposure to themselves and their family members, and they worked with Harrington Hospital to share resources to best support the community. From this foundation Paul and his team were able to streamline communications in a way that was clear and consistent.

Paul has spent a long time honing his skills in public communications and community building. During the pandemic Paul and his team used every medium available to communicate with their community, using their website, reverse 911, newsletters, and Facebook live events to be a resource for Southbridge. Paul’s nuanced understanding of his community manifested in regular Spanish speaking Facebook Live events, so as to circumvent language barriers that might have otherwise prevented clear communication. Paul built up an email subscriber list so residents could stay up to date, and he observed times that received high engagement and planned to work with those times to ensure a high rate of outreach. This method was able to build upon its successes and increased community engagement as Paul and his colleagues made themselves resources of knowledge for the community during uncertainty. Paul knows that anyone who works for the public must engage with their community and build trust in a way that is meaningful and lasting.

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I am excited to join this amazing team, where I will not only be able to share my knowledge and experience in Fire, EMS and Emergency Management; but also expand my professional experiences with communities across New England providing them with the assistance they need to ensure public safety at the highest level

Paul Normandin

Senior Project Manager, Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC.

Paul not only has years of hands-on experience in Fire and EMS provisions, but he has also made a point to continue his education and stay up to date on the best practices of the field. Paul’s career began as a Paramedic as he received his training at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester. He then went on to receive his degree in Fire Science from Columbia Southern University. Paul’s certifications that apply to Fire and EMS provisions are extensive, as he stays up to date on all necessary training, a shortened list of these certifications includes a certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedic certificate from the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services, a certificate in flashover simulation, Statewide Fire Mobilization Task Force Leader, Incident Command system training, as well as multiple certifications and training from FEMA. Paul also involves himself in the wider community, as a member of the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts where he serves in a myriad of roles including District 7 representative.

Paul’s dedication to his work and his commitment to community standout no matter where he is or what he’s working on. When an issue arises, Paul is able to assess the situation, and then work to research and build solutions. Paul understands that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and has a talent for finding a variety of solutions, and then restructuring and tailoring them to fit the situation at hand. He is unafraid to tackle any issue and jumps into every project with the same clear mind and dedication. This work ethic extends beyond the surface level labor of the job, as Paul brings this same commitment to building trust within a team and supporting his employees. Paul uses his position of authority to welcome new voices to collaborate on solutions. His ability to listen and build trust with a team is something he brings into every room he enters. His experience in leadership positions has given him extensive hands on experience in solving problems within a department or organization in a way that respects his colleagues and employees. We are ecstatic to bring this skill of his to departments and communities who have felt disjointed and disconnected during the pandemic.

Paul brings with him years of experience in Fire and Emergency Medical Services, with a special focus on EMS financial planning. He is able to quickly assess a communities position and tailor a plan to their needs. We are excited to have him on our team, helping us build stronger and safer communities.

Nichol Figueiredo

CEO, Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC.