Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC. (CSS) and Miyares and Harrington LLP are pleased to announce that we have entered into a dynamic collaboration offering cities and towns the support and tools that they need to build stronger more equitable communities. Our combined team of experienced municipal leaders and professionals will assist communities in rebuilding solid foundations and enhancing work environments for municipal employees.

Miyares and Harrington’s legal services to public and private clients, combined with CSS’s expertise in municipal government, will allow us to formulate and implement strategies that enhance a community’s natural resources and rejuvenate the strength of its workforce while preserving a community’s values. Our combined team can assist communities in all facets of municipal management and governance, providing incredibly valuable resources to cities and towns throughout Massachusetts.

Our collaborative relationship with Miyares and Harrington will harness the strengths and abilities of both our firms to solve the complex challenges that cities and towns face in this tumultuous environment. Together, we will revolutionize the way communities operate and plan for their futures.

Nichol Figueiredo, CEO

Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC.

Our firm is excited to team with CSS to help enhance the solutions-based approach that CSS and Miyares and Harrington each provide to municipalities in the Commonwealth. The collaborative and holistic approach we each bring to the table fits well with Miyares and Harrington’s long-standing effort to provide practical legal services designed to help our clients implement local programs that serve community needs.

Thomas J. Harrington, Esq.

Miyares and Harrington

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