A message from our CEO on Thanksgiving…

As we begin to approach the end of 2022 and look back upon the many opportunities and challenges we faced over the past year, it is important to recognize all that we are thankful for. This is a time for reflection, with gratitude for those that have been a part of our journey, the people, and communities that we worked with, our team, friends, family members and strategic partners that supported us.

When Jennifer Thompson, Chief Development Officer joined us back in September 2021, it was a game changer. Jennifer is not only my business partner but also a friend. She sees opportunities where others see challenges and recognizes the strengths in each of the communities we serve and builds upon it. I am grateful to have Jennifer in our corner, for her insights into our path forward, for going the extra mile for our clients, for caring so much about the impact that we have on a communities’ future, and for the support that she provides to our employees.

Our goal is always to strengthen the cities and towns that we serve, each member of our team greatly contributes to this goal. I know that I can speak for both Jennifer and I when I say, we are proud to work beside each team member and the great insights they offer to our clients. Our deepest appreciation goes out to Mike Tusino, IV, Meredith Roberts, Clara DeCarvalho, Stephen Cronin, Tom Impey, Blythe Robinson, Paul Scott, and Peter Sellers – each of you bring talent, labor, insight, passion, and compassion to the imperative work of transforming communities. We have made momentous strides working together this year and we are excited to forge ahead into 2023 with you all.

We take stock of the extraordinary efforts of our clients to transform community’s post-pandemic to be a place of safety, equality, and prosperity for all. We are honored to be a part of their efforts to invest in opportunities for the wellbeing of community members and recognize their tireless dedication to enriching the quality of life for each of their residents.

We are grateful for our amazing partners, who work side by side with us to bring forth solid solutions for our clients. Our collaborations create equitable, and inclusive opportunities that transform communities and assist them in overcoming the challenges that they face. We are thankful for the privilege of serving alongside of you, your contributions, your passion, and support of our mission, and genuine caring is extraordinary.

May you all have a joyous Thanksgiving, knowing the work that you do is valued and makes a vital difference in people’s everyday lives.