Whether it be long- or short-term staffing issues, CSS understands that when it comes to local government, gaps and shortages have direct impacts on communities.

It’s no secret that across the municipal world many have found themselves with staffing shortages for both the regular workload of municipal government, and special projects or issues that can pop up. Whether it be long- or short-term staffing issues, CSS understands that when it comes to local government, gaps and shortages have direct impacts on communities. That’s why we’ve build out our senior management team of former municipal employees so that we may operate as a mobile municipal support staff when communities need it most. Our talented team of experts can offer agencies and organizations on-site support services in their time of need in several areas of operations to allow the continuity of services at the highest level. Our contracts for support services include but aren’t limited to Administrative Support services like meeting minutes, Advisory and Support Services at the Executive Level, Procurement, and Research and Independent study or evaluation.

Our expertise covers a wide range of Administrative Support Services, from taking meeting minutes, to organizational planning or scheduling, and report preparation and public communication. We understand the level of care required to execute these tasks to the high level of excellence expected of those in the public sector. Our administrative support staff provides on-demand services whenever you need them. They are dedicated professionals with enough know how to jump in and assist in any way required to ensure productive and continuous services to the community. Our Administrative Support Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Handling administrative requests and queries from senior managers

  • Organizing and scheduling appointments

  • Planning meetings and taking detailed minutes

  • Making travel arrangements

  • Report preparation

  • Answering phones and email messages

  • Maintenance of online and paper filing systems

At the Executive level in particular, our team is especially well versed in the many facets of structural organization, management, and planning. We offer Advisory and Support Serves at the Executive level for several communities, advising on specific projects or during transitions. With several former Directors of Public Works and Town Managers on our team, we understand the agility required of those at the executive level in juggling reports, projects, and policy. Our Advisory and Support Services for Executive level positions include, strategic planning, policy review and formulation, municipal finance assistance, budget preparation, capital improvement planning, and human resources support. We use our breadth of perspectives and depth of experience to achieve optimal and sustainable results, tailoring our support strategy to the unique needs of each partner.

More specifically, when it comes to strategic planning, capital improvement, and finance assistance and budget preparation, our team uses a combination of tried and tested methods, while tailoring each response to the specific needs of a community. For strategic planning, we understand that to realize a long-term vision, you must set up goals and objectives in a systematic, incremental manner. We know that long term planning only succeeds if there is unequivocal support of the chief executive, legislative body and affected department heads, and our team is prepared to provide and build up those support networks. We also utilize this skill set when it comes to Capital Improvement planning as we guide communities through planning, financing, and implementation in a comprehensive and thorough manner. Our team’s longevity in public service has allowed us to be well versed in all facets of finance assistance and budget preparation. Whether it be financial or information management, training, or reporting, our process is designed to use data driving understanding to maximize results for communities.

The many complexities of Procurement require a steady and deft hand, especially when related to a multifaceted project. Our team’s background has given us extensive skill and experience working with both state and federal procurement requirements. We can assist at all stages of procurement to help clients with meeting all public purchasing rules and regulation. We know how to manage draft request for proposals and bid language, acquisition planning, contract management, evaluation of contract proposals, and even contractor services evaluations. Our team is always ready to tackle the well-worn path of procurement requirements and procedures, so we may lift the burden off our partners so they may focus on other necessary projects and tasks.

As can be seen over and over, CSS is driven by our experience and expertise in the field of municipal government. This has made us especially skilled in advising and management, but it has also given us the opportunity to share our knowledge through research, studies, and independent evaluations through case studies, efficiency of operations studies, and evaluations of services. Getting any new program, process, or initiative underway takes a great deal of time, energy, and financial resources. The ability to document the progress and perform tailored evaluations allows departments and communities to fully grasp the depth of their impact and progress. Our team of experts have held multiple positions within municipal government, giving us a unique insight to evaluate processes and structural organization across departments. Whether it be broad scoped evaluation studies, or specific case and efficiency studies, we are committed to the continual improvement and reflection necessary to ensure communities receive the best possible services from their government.

“Municipal officials are under increasing demands to provide quick, effective and comprehensive services to their residents, businesses and visitors. These responsibilities have become even more challenging given the shortage of qualified employment candidates. Leaders are frequently operating well below minimum staffing levels and therefore often need interim or temporary assistance to ensure continuity of government operations. CSS provides a solution that minimizes costs for cities and towns by offering temporary and interim assistance in a multitude of areas.” Jennifer Thompson, Chief Development Officer

Meet Our Team

Capital Strategic Solutions is a Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) made up of former municipal employees with decades of experience in local government. Since 2014 we have operated throughout communities in New England to build trust through transparency while enhancing community engagement. Our team has the experience and expertise to assist any community through a multitude of services. Whether it be public communications during a water quality issue, maintaining meeting minutes, or advising departments on financial and budget reports, we are committed to providing resources equitably to the benefit of our client communities.

Download our portfolio below and contact us at info@capital-strategic-solutions.com or call 508-690-0046 to schedule a meeting.