What’s in the $1.2 trillion bipartisan bill? Most of us don’t wake up thrilled at the possibility of a federal bill on infrastructure, but the 2,702-page bipartisan bill contains $550 billion in new spending, which is a very big deal – one that could directly and indirectly affect all of our lives.

The bipartisan bill provides many opportunities on its own. Priced at $550 billion in new federal spending, the bipartisan deal focuses almost entirely on physical infrastructure projects that will move to rebuild parts of American society and take action on longer-term issues, from climate change to improving internet access.

$55 billion from the bipartisan bill is designated for water infrastructure alone. This funding includes $15 billion for lead pipe replacement, $10 billion for chemical cleanup, and money to provide clean drinking water in tribal communities. Focusing on just the topic of clean water – communities can receive financial assistance for the engineering, design, and construction of drinking water projects, such as new wastewater treatment facilities that protect public health and improve compliance with federal and state drinking water regulations.

Timely, effective, and informative communication with your community stakeholders is overwhelmingly necessary for successful advocacy for infrastructure projects in the public realm. Outreach goals generally include gaining and preserving public trust and helping to educate ratepayers on the benefits of infrastructure improvements to help facilitate efforts for easier allocation of funds for future projects.

At Capital Strategic Solutions (CSS), we understand that the diversity of each community requires a unique approach to communications regarding sensitive water quality issues and buy-in for projects. Trust and transparency are just as critical as the quality of water and the consistency of your service as a public water supplier. One of the ways that you can build trust is by showing the public that you care for them, and how your team is working to provide them with the safest most reliable necessity to life – water. Public water suppliers can do this by educating consumers, and providing consistent and transparent communications.

This can be a considerable undertaking in its own right. Managing the complex community relations and project-level communications throughout a project requires a thorough process and careful documentation, not to mention sufficient teamwork. It’s a lot to ask of a water supplier that’s already tightly focused on the complexities of safely replacing its infrastructure.


Fortunately, you need not do it alone.


Through the execution of this type of program for several municipal clients, we have developed comprehensive outreach and communication systems and strategies. We utilize tools and tactics that keep all stakeholders informed effectively and efficiently throughout the project.

We have experience working with communities across Massachusetts to educate consumers about their source water, the impacts that everyday activities can have on the quality of their drinking water, and to share facts about the critical infrastructure in their communities so that they can make decisions for the health and welfare of their families.

Our team offers a full variety of grant writing and technical assistance services customized to the needs of our clients. By crafting compelling applications and identifying ways to scale effective programs, our team will help you obtain grant funding to assist with various water infrastructure improvements.

About Capital Strategic Solutions

Capital Strategic Solutions, LLC. (CSS) is a Massachusetts-based, woman-owned business (WBE) that is composed of former municipal employees. Since 2014, CSS has been partnering with communities and consultants throughout New England to enhance community engagement by building trust through transparency. Our team is committed to providing equitable resources to communities to maintain and increase community services that benefit residents, businesses, and visitors of each client’s community.

We deliver creative and cost-effective services that maximize success while minimizing risk for our clients. Our team specializes in community engagement, grant writing & management, impact mitigation & crisis communication, project management & oversight, solutions for data management, website design services, tactical social media outreach, and virtual and in-person event planning. We work diligently with our clients to define clear project goals while resolving complex challenges.


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